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Cutrite Woodworking of Waterloo | Custom Cabinet Doors

Company Profile

      Since our inception 20 years ago, our combined attentions have been focused only on a single objective - to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible.

      Our drive to remain ahead of our competition means that we continually strive for our craftsmanship to be incomparable, always refining and correcting details, utilizing ever improving technology and maintaining a customer service that is unrivaled.

      We search the market for first grade lumber from which we precisely manufacture everything to our customerís exact specifications. We take pride in that our doors are made entirely at our Waterloo plant. By not outsourcing, we preserve an unyielding control over our entire production process allowing us to maintain meticulous quality guidelines, and in so doing our customers are guaranteed that our products are made to unsurpassed standards.

      Over the last two decades our customers have come to expect only the best from us, and we will continuously strive to uphold our customerís expectations.

      "Our intention is to exceed your expectations."

Policies and Warranty

When placing an order, we ask that an order form be faxed or mailed, as this provides a paper copy of your order. Phone orders are more prone to mistakes. Orders can also be placed in person, and we would gladly have you visit us, to view the numerous samples of our products on display in our showroom.

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Phone: 519-747-4891
Fax: 519-747-5978

After we receive an order, we will print it out and this copy will be faxed or sent to you for confirmation. A confirmation is proof of an order and it lists all pertinent information (i.e.; wood species, sizes, profiles, etc.). A signature is required to advance an order into production, and any delays in returning a confirmation will delay your order.

Since all orders are individually made to a customerís specifications, Cutrite must approve any changes or cancellations to orders. Canceling orders that are already in production will incur charges at the customerís expense.

We accept measurements in both imperial and metric form. We can manufacture your doors to the nearest 1/16Ē or millimeter. When providing us with measurements, please be certain to provide only the exact size of the finished product. We cannot calculate the size of your doors if you provide us with opening sizes or cabinet dimensions.

Cutrite offers open accounts to customers that order in large quantities, call our office for more information. All other orders are 50% prepaid with the balance due before an order is shipped out or picked up. We do not allow credit or debit card payments, only cheque, money order or cash is accepted.

All our products are shipped un-finished. The samples in our showroom and the images on this site are for advisory purposes only. Customer is responsible for staining, painting and all other finishes to our product.

Cutrite Woodworking warrants that all of our products will be reasonably defect free in both material and workmanship for a period of one year from the shipment date. Doors must be finished within 10 days to be covered by our warranty. Due to environmental changes and the inherent nature of wood, Cutrite Woodworking allows for some expansion, contraction and movement of some of our solid wood components. Characteristics found in wood such as grain patterns, burls, pin knots, mineral streaks, gum pockets and all other naturally occurring individualities are not considered as defects unless specifically addressed by Cutrite Woodworking.

Warranty does not cover any defects caused by misuse, negligence, accident, improper storage, imperfect finishing or flawed installation. All claims accountable to Cutrite Woodworking must be submitted within five working days of receipt of order. All products to be returned must be in their original condition, unfinished and unaltered. Warranty covers replacement of product only.

Cutrite does not warrant any lumber sold, be it rough (undressed) lumber, D2S, D4S or otherwise profiled such as crown mouldings or rail stock. Only lumber cut to size, and/or laminated into cabinet components, panels or butcher blocks are covered under our warranty. Warranty covers replacement of product only.