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New ideas and new inspirations

We are always willing to try new things (sometimes simply new to us) when we get an idea and we want to be creative, and sometimes our customers ask for something unique and different.

"Pyramid" panels for MDF vanity doors

A customer inquired if we were able to produce "pyramid" panels for a couple of MDF vanity doors. He asked several of his sources, who told him it wasn't possible. Then he called us, and after discussing his needs, we gave it our best shot. After several "almost got it" attempts, we nailed it. The machining was done on a 3/4" thick MDF panel, and the angled sides were 3/8" deep. Our customer was pleased with the results, and we hope you agree.

A new style is born ... 800 series doors

Came across this narrow face-rail door, when a customer told us that he was making these by nailing/gluing 1" wide strips onto 5/8" MDF panels. we had a better idea ... making these either as 2 part MDF door (yes we do value our front glued-in panels!) as well as a 5 piece miter door (where the panel in inserted into the rail, as always!) the MDF door comes in 2 version, with and without a small 45 degree bevel on the inside of the rail.

As of October 2021, this door style did not actually exist, yet already several customers who seen our prototype pieces in the office, have placed/received orders for this interesting door.

What do you think of this door style? Let us know if we can produce this for you.

Rough Mill "X" Barn Doors

We were asked to fabricate a version of our rough mill doors, out of wormy soft maple, with an "X" cross-rail. I think we pulled it off rather nicely.

New variations on our Rail #68 series of doors

We were asked to fabricate doors with different rails and styles for a customer, so we made up some quick samples just so that can see what they might look like. The stiles (vertical parts) are our rail #30 (30 degree bevel on the inside edge), but one door was made with our rails (horizontal parts) #6, and the other was made with our rails (horizontal parts) #68. We have been manufacturing versions of these doors, using our rail #8 as stiles for several years now, but we think that this a new fresh new look. Let us know what you think.

At Cutrite, we combine exceptional materials, unrivalled quality and superior craftsmanship with state of the art technology to create the most striking cabinet doors.