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Policies and Warranty


When placing an order, we ask that an order form be faxed or emailed, as this provides a paper copy of your order. Phone orders are more prone to mistakes, and are accepted only in limited situations. Orders may also be placed in person. We welcome you to visit us, if only to view and compare the numerous samples of our products found on display in our showroom.


After we receive an order, we will process it (through our software), print it out and this copy is faxed or emailed to every customer for confirmation. A confirmation is proof of an order and it lists all pertinent information (i.e.; wood species, sizes, profiles, etc.). A customer’s signature is required to advance an order into production, and any delays in returning a confirmation will postpone the order.

Changes and Cancellations

Since all orders are individually manufactured to customer specifications, Cutrite must grant approval prior to any changes or cancellations to orders. Cancelling an order that is already in production, is only allowed within 48 hours of confirmation. Cancelling after 48 hours, will incur charges at the customer’s expense. As well, any changes to an existing order, after 48 hours of confirmation, will incur charges at the customer’s expense.


We accept measurements in both imperial and metric form. We can manufacture your doors to the nearest 1/16” (or millimeter). When providing us with measurements, please order in only one format per order, and provide us with only the exact dimensions (“width x height” for doors/fronts, and “width x height x thickness” for panels, tops and butcher blocks) of the finished product. We cannot calculate the sizes of your doors if you provide us with opening sizes or overall cabinet dimensions.


Cutrite offers open accounts to customers that order in large and frequent quantities, please contact our office for more information. All other orders are 50% prepaid (deposit), with the balance due before an order is shipped out or picked up. We currently can not process credit or debit card payments, but cashcheque or e-transfers are accepted.


All our products are shipped un-finished. The samples in our showroom and the images on this site are for advisory purposes only. Customer is responsible for prepping, staining, lacquering, painting and all other finishes to our products.


Cutrite Woodworking warrants that all our products will be reasonably defect free in both material and workmanship for a period of one year from the invoice date. Doors must be adequately finished within 10 days to be covered by our warranty. Due to environmental changes and the inherent nature of wood, Cutrite allows for some expansion, contraction and movement of some of our solid wood components (rails, panels, blocks and tops). Cutrite does not warranty doors which are longer or wider than 46″ if they are ordered without a center-brace. Cutrite allows warping of 1/8″ for doors, fronts and frames under 60″ in either width or height. Cutrite allows warping of 3/16″ for doors, fronts and frames over 60″ in either width or height. Characteristics found in wood such as grain patterns, burls, pin knots, mineral streaks, gum pockets and all other naturally occurring individualities are not considered to be defects unless specifically addressed by Cutrite.

Miter door exception - our miter doors and fronts (a miter is a 45 degree joint, sometimes referred to as "mitre" or "picture frame" joint) are the only products which due to their inherent construction can not be "cut to size". Miter items have rails/stiles cut to almost exact dimensions, and they are then assembled and "edge sanded" to smooth out the edges. Due to this constrictive procedure, since miter assembling and clamping are susceptible to slight joint movements, some minor "assembling variations" are acceptable, we allow up to 1/16" size variations (on width and or length). Due the to the inherent constraints of over-sized miter doors, we recommend that miter doors not be larger than 26" in width and 70" in height. Larger doors can be made, but they are not covered by our warranty.

Warranty does not cover any defects caused by misuse, negligence, accident, inadequate storage, defective finishing, flawed installation, unsuitable levels of humidity in residences, improper cleaning (use of harsh, strong or abrasive cleaners is a "no-no" for all wood products. All claims accountable to Cutrite Woodworking must be submitted within 3 working days of receipt of order. All products to be returned must be in their original condition, unfinished and unaltered. Warranty covers replacement of product only.

Cutrite does not recommend painting (solid colour latex based, oil based or any other “paint” finishes, whether sprayed, brushed-on, rolled-on or any other form of application) any solid wood raised panel doors. Applying any of these finishes to raised panel solid wood doors, will null any warranty, and no product replacement will be offered.

Cutrite does not warranty any lumber sold, be it rough (undressed) lumber, D2S, D4S or otherwise profiled such as crown mouldings or rail stock. Only material cut to size, and processed into doors and drawer fronts, panels, tops or butcher blocks are covered under our warranty.

Warranty covers replacement of product only.

At Cutrite, we combine exceptional materials, unrivalled quality and superior craftsmanship with state of the art technology to create the most striking cabinet doors.